We are excited to invite you to the first-ever, Spirit-led Global Dream Community called the EmpoweringU Network.

This may be the only Kingdom Network dedicated to Empowering You to realize your God-given dreams.

The EmpoweringU Network is comprised of Kingdom-minded men and women of God who are passionate about loving Jesus, fulfilling His purposes, and developing people into mature sons and daughters, able to accomplish the dreams the Father has asked them to steward.

It’s here you’ll be able to connect with other Kingdom-minded members who can encourage, support, strengthen, breathe faith into you, and help hold you accountable to the future that our Father has for you.

Within this new network and community, we have created a safe place with a beautiful culture…

  • A culture full of courage to face the impossible, love that overcomes fear, and the tangible presence and power of God that makes the supernatural a daily experience…
  • A culture where people genuinely know and commit to helping one another discover the gold God put in each of us – and to walk alongside each other to see the fullness of that gold expressed.”

The EmpoweringU Network is your portal to your best future ever, comprised of individual communities dedicated to mastering the understanding and skills you need to fulfill God’s vision for your life. It’s a Spirit-filled place, free from the world that bombards us.