Master’s Mind Coaching

Just as every great athlete has a coach, so does every great life. With our unique brand of coaching, we intentionally seek the mind and heart of the Master (Christ) together with you. This leads to divine revelation, connections, and empowerment. One day of favor from the LORD can be worth a lifetime of labor.

Christ centered coaching

Why a Christian Coach is a Better Choice

Seeing yourself as God sees you is the key to lasting change.

A Christ-centered coach understands that God initiates change. It is by His grace and through His grace that He empowers, equips, and enables you to be all and do all He created you for. Your part is to Listen, Trust, and Obey. To do that, you must believe God is really speaking to you. 

A Christian coach approaches coaching from the foundation that:

  • You are created in God’s image
  • God is sovereign
  • He knows everything about you
  • God guides, empowers, and equips His children
  • You only find real fulfillment when you’re living in line with God’s plans and principles
  • God is at the core of your being rather than human ingenuity


Your story begins

Group and Individual Coaching

We offer coaching for leaders, both individually and in groups.

Our team includes a variety of experienced life, leadership, and breakthrough coaches to best suit your needs.

Types of coaching we offer include:

  • Time coaching
  • Dream coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Transition coaching
  • Sabbatical coaching
  • Journal coaching
  • Webinar marketing coaching
  • Digital marketing coaching
Christ centered coaching

Our Unique Value Propostion

With our unique brand of coaching, Master’s Mind Coaching, we intentionally seek the mind and heart of the Master with you.

We are trained and disciplined to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and we can train you to do likewise. One message from  God can completely change your life. 

  • We coach BUSY leaders to SIMPLIFY their complicated lives, leverage their time, and hear God’s voice clearly to potentially magnify their impact many fold.
  • We teach leaders to inquire of the LORD through two-way journaling for ideas, insights, inspiration, revelation, and strategic connections.
  • We are masters at assembling and facilitating high performance dream teams (Master’s Mind Marketing tribes) and communicate weekly with groups of business and thought leaders around the world.
  • We understand what it takes to create MAXIMUM MOMENTUM
  • We know how to nurture Godly relationships and build safe, trusting, empowering COMMUNITY
  • We are champions at POWER NETWORKING – networking the networks. Those who network the networks gain the most leverage.

As a GLOBAL TEAM, we are CATALYSTS FOR TRANSFORMATION. We transform people, organizations, and communities. While a catalyst is not even necessary for a reaction to happen, it may make it happen 10,000 times faster.

Master's Mind Coaching

We are allergic to small thinking and so is God. If you are a small thinker and want to stay that way, we are not a good fit for you.

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