I. Dream Declaration

Our God-given dream is to empower yours!

Our passion is creating a MOVEMENT empowering dreams of millions of people globally.

We fully embrace this modified version of the vision that Andy and Janine Mason shared in their book Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life:

“Our dream is catalyzing a Global Dream Community where people everywhere join together to help one another succeed in life – life as God made us to live it. It’s a culture full of courage to face the impossible, love that overcomes fear, and the tangible Presence and Power of God that make the supernatural a daily experience. It’s a culture where people genuinely know and commit to help one another discover the gold God put in each of us – then to walk alongside each other to see the fullness of that gold expressed.”

When your WHY is big enough, the HOW will work itself out.

II. Vision Declaration

We are creating a GLOBAL COMMUNITY of leaders who are empowered, equipped, and strategically connected for massive GLOBAL IMPACT.

  • We spawn new businesses, ministries, inventions, and technologies that provide heaven’s solutions to political, economic, and social problems 
  • We catalyze the flow of billions of dollars to lift up and care for widows, orphans, the poor, and the needy 
  • We are recognized as a valuable source of wise counsel to business, education, government, and media leaders

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you’re a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

III. Kingdom Mandate

We are POWER NETWORKING God’s army around the world – networking the networks.

Those who network the networks gain the most leverage. 

We CONNECT people, ideas, and resources in Christ for creative miracles

IV. Mission Declaration

We empower dreams through coaching, journaling, and life-changing webinars. 

  • We coach BUSY leaders to SIMPLIFY their complicated lives, leverage their time, and hear God’s voice clearly to potentially magnify their impact 30-60-1,000 fold. 
  • We teach leaders to inquire of the LORD through two-way journaling for ideas, insights, inspiration, revelation, and strategic connections. 
  • We are masters at assembling and facilitating high performance dream teams (Master’s Mind Marketing tribes) and communicate weekly with groups of business and thought leaders around the world. 
  • We are the global leader for life-changing webinars to empower dreams, transform communities, and disciple nations. Leaders from around the world seek us out to take quantum leaps in their businesses and ministries. 
  • We are creative marketing and communication strategists, helping leaders multiply their messages and messengers.  Strategy is the most important thing when it comes to business. 
  • We are the founders of the Master’s Dream Academy, the world’s premier online training center and community to Empower Dreams globally.

V. Kingdom Culture

Our #1 core value is THANKSGIVING. It is from that place of being thankful that Love, Joy, and Peace abound. Other core values include rest, simplicity, passion, excellence, integrity, and collaboration.

VI. Justice Culture

Biblical Justice is important to God and important to us as a team, organization, and network. We stand for the unborn and righteousness in government. We stand against human trafficking and exploitation of the poor.

VII. Prayer Culture

We believe prayer is the most powerful tool God has given us. Therefore we choose to pray frequently and strategically, individually and corporately.

We are a catalyst for the expansion of God’s Power of ONE global prayer movement based on John 17:22-23 (NLV).

Prayer creates a lightning strike from Heaven and thunder creates a thundering noise that declares God’s Presence. Empowered by God, we have the ability to cut down and refocus and pick up targets for lightning bolts of God’s glory.