Jesus ChristJesus Christ (Co-founder and CEO)

Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost (Luke 19:10), including Joseph and the other Empower 2000 team members. He is our Savior, Lord, Healer, Comforter, and Counselor. His Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. Everything we do at Empower 2000 is for His glory.

His responsibilies include:

  • Interceding for our team, partners, clients, subscribers, and those we serve (Hebrews 7:25, Romans 8:34)
  • Providing wise counsel as we inquire of Him (Proverbs 2:6)
  • Shining the light of His Word on our feet and path (Psalm 119:105)
  • Revealing truth to our team (John 16:13)
  • Divine protection (Psalm 91)
  • Opening doors that no man can close and closing doors that no man can open (Isaiah 22:22)
  • Blessing us with FAVOR so we can bless many others (John 15:7)

Dr. Joseph PeckJoseph Peck, M.D. (Co-founder and President)

Dr. Joseph Peck, aka THE Time Doctor, The Journal Guy, and The Connector, is a physician, author, international speaker, creative marketing and communication strategist, and 30-60-1,000 Dream Coach. His passion is creating a movement Empowering Dreams of millions of people globally through coaching, journaling, and life-changing webinars. His gift is connecting people, ideas, and resources in Christ for creative miracles.

Recognized by many as the global thought leader for life-changing webinars to empower dreams and transform communities, Dr. Peck is passionate about helping people reach more people with their life-giving messages. He says stories are life-changing and webinars are the #1 online marketing, teaching, and connecting tool – bar none. I Was Busy, Now I'm NotFor several years, Dr. Peck has been saying “Webinars are the new global interactive TV!”

Dr. Peck is a master at assembling and facilitating high performance dream teams (mastermind groups). He communicates weekly with groups of business and thought leaders around the world.

According to Larry Tyler, a business coach, “Joseph is the Maestro, making the entire orchestra speak with one voice! God has called him and given him the gifts and talent to take so many different individuals (instruments & sounds) and blend them together, so disciplined and so coordinated into Sound Alignment.”

Dr. Peck has authored several books, including “I Was Busy Now I’m Not: Changing the Way You Think about Time“.

Jeffrey Thompson (VP of Operations, Divine Strategist)

Jeffrey ThompsonWith a strong gift for creating systems, Jeffrey Thompson combines administrative and team building skills with a pastoral heart. Jeffrey is an ordained minister through God Encounters Ministries and carries a passion for prophetic ministry and the fire of God.

He and his wife Brooke have 7 children: Jonathan, Katherine, David, Grace, Timothy, MaryAnna, and Galia Hope.

His responsiblities include

  • Ensuring people, systems, and processes are in place so that all the day-to-day tasks for the business/ministry get done. This supports the growth and adds to the bottom line for E2000
  • Team Building
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing campaigns

Shelli MillerShelli Miller (Executive Assistant)

Shelli Miller is a passionate Christian project manager with over 30 years of experience handling large projects. She is an experienced troubleshooter with a strong background in both virtual and in-person customer service. Her skills include expert communication, leadership, customer service, marketing, sales, trouble shooting, event planning, task management, critical thinking, discussion facilitation, and public speaking.

Her responsibilities include:

  • Executive Assistant for Joseph
  • Team Building
  • Project management
  • Small group facilitation
  • Event planning

Melodie VanAlstyneMelodie VanAlstyne (Customer Relations Specialist)

Melodie graduated from Jacksonville Theological Seminary with a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Counseling, Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences and Health Education. She has leadership skills and creative gifts that exemplify her character. Melodie is passionate about working with people on a global scale and has founded The Prophetic Chambers. She encourages God’s Kingdom to expand on the earth through E2000’s life changing webinars and dream teams.

Her responsibilities include:

  • Customer relations and support
  • Small group facilitation

Laura NieminenLaura Nieminen (Video Production)

Laura Nieminen is the founder of Rising Paragon LLC, and has been working with Joseph Peck and Empower 2000 since 2016. She and her team work in the background in various capacities facilitating webinars, running PowerPoint, and recording and editing the replays for most of our courses.

Laura’s passion is to see family businesses raised up to finance the work of the Kingdom and to provide for the families today and in the future. She is currently experiencing a dream come true as two of her daughters are working with her helping to build and manage websites, edit books for Rising Paragon Publishing, and taking some of the work off Laura’s plate.

Her current responsibilities for E2000 include:

  • Video production
  • Webinar facilitation

Katherine HaagKatherine Haag

Katherine Haag has a strong gift of administration. She received a bachelor’s degree with a double major in Sacred Music and Bible Studies from Miami Christian College in Miami, Florida in 1976 and spent many years in church music. Her diverse non-profit Christian work has included serving as an arts and crafts director for and inner-city children’s camp, administrative assistant for the Salvation Army, and office management for Jews for Jesus. Throughout her secretarial career, Katherine has most often been in demand for her typing, transcription and editing skills, which has comprised most of her duties wherever she has worked, utilizing her amazing attention to detail.

Her current responsibilities include:

  • Creating and editing study guides for webinars and classes
  • Overseeing transcription services
  • Updating member sites

Celene GraceCelene Grace Zulla

A trained nurse, Celene has been a part of the Empower 2000 Team for over 10 years as an administrative assistant, working in a variety of capacities that fuel her creative drive. She has learned to think outside the box, creating PowerPoints for classes and webinars, serving as a graphic designer, and doing video editing. Originally from the Philippines, Celene currently lives in Australia with her husband and son.

Her current responsibilities include:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Helps with pre and post-production for live global broadcasts, including creating professional PowerPoints, editing videos, etc.

Susan CurdSusan Curd

Susan lives in Australia and experienced one of God’s “suddenlies” in October 2017, breaking her out of what she refers to as a “religious prison.” Since then she has been living abundantly in joy and thankfulness as Holy Spirit leads her on adventures in becoming more like Jesus and sharing God’s love with others. Susan uses her counsel and administrative skills to serve within Empower 2000.

Her current responsibilities include:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Video editing

Michael WeissMichael Weiss

Michael believes God created us to be loved by him, know him, love him and others. His personal mission is to encourage people to find, refine and live out their DNA (Divine Natural Ability), so they will live abundantly. For over 30 years, Michael helped Army Chaplains care for soldiers and their family members, retiring as a Sergeant Major. He has a master’s degree in Practical Theology from Regent University and a Life/Leadership Coaching certification from Lifeforming Leadership Coaching.

His current responsibilities include:

  • Dream Team Overseer
  • Facilitating Legacy Dream Teams