Grace and peace to you multiplied.

We are shifting the entire Empower 2000 (E2000) prayer focus today and for the coming week to praying for Ukraine.

Please join us praying this prayer:

Father God, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, the name above all names, we ask You, the Commander of God’s armies to do whatever is necessary to bless and protect the freedom and the lives of the Ukrainian people. We ask You to fight the battle in the second heaven as well as the battle on the earth. We ask You to confuse the enemy – to create a sound that strikes fear in the hearts of Putin, the Russian military leaders, and Russian soldiers and creates confusion, chaos, and complete disorder in their ranks. 

We thank You for President Zelenskyy’s courage and bold stance and acknowledge that courage is contagious. We ask You to protect President Zelenskyy and his family supernaturally. We thank You for the bold stand the Ukrainian soldiers and citizens are making. May You send legions of angels to the battle scenes

We ask You to stir the hearts of leaders and citizens of other nations to come to the aid of Ukraine and its people. We ask for an uproar in the USA to force our Administration to do the right things to help Ukraine and to paralyze the Russian initiative. 

We acknowledge the invasion of Ukraine strikes against the very heart of freedom throughout the world. Jesus, we acknowledge You came to set the captives free and as Your ambassadors on earth, we call for You to unleash the fierceness of all of Heaven’s armies to demolish the demonic strongholds behind this attack. May Creation rise up and act against the Russian military. 

May the outcome of Ukraine and its people glorify Your holy name throughout the entire earth and strike fear in the hearts of Your enemies. May Your enormous response lead to a great Awakening in Ukraine, Europe, and throughout the world. 

In the name of Yeshua Hamashiach, the Lion of Judah, we pray believing. Amen and Hallelujah!!!

Thank you.

Shalom, Shalom from the King of Shalom!

Joseph Peck, M.D.
Founder and President of Empower 2000

The Power of One