The Power of Webinars

10 Oct


The signature message questionHow big is your WHY?

How hungry are you to reach more people with your life-giving messages, products, and services?

You see, when your WHY is big enough, the HOW will work itself out.

Let me ask you…

  • How can you best leverage your time to do what you already do well?
  • How can you best communicate with 10’s, 100’s or even 1000’s of people at a time instead of just one or a few?
  • How can you multiply what you do to potentially experience a 30, 60, or 100 fold increase in just 12 months?

We know WEBINARS are a key to unlock your business, city, and nation.

Webinars go directly to the bottom line as far as clients are concerned and getting your message to more people quickly. And a lot of people have been waiting for that message! Webinars are THE KEY to getting the word out quickly.

The signature message questionDr. Ted Baehr, founder of MovieGuide and Chairman of the Christian Film and Television Association, says “He who controls the media, controls the culture!

Of the 7 mountains that shape culture, media is the most influential. Of all the different types of media, the internet is the most powerful because it combines all different types of media (the printed word, radio, TV, video, art, etc) in an interactive format. And of all the different types of communication on the internet, webinars are by far the most powerful. Webinars the new global interactive TV!!! Webinars are the #1 online marketing, teaching, and connecting tool – bar none.

During the past seven years, God has positioned Empower 2000 as the global leader for life-changing webinars to empower dreams, transform communities, and disciple nations.

If you are willing to invest the time, money, and energy, our team at Empower 2000 feels confident we can help you and your organization leverage your time and impact substantially.


Why go virtual?

Why go virtual?


  • A webinar is an ONLINE EVENT that is hosted by a person or organization and broadcast to people through their computers via the Internet
  • A webinar is a seminar on the web (Webinar = Web Seminar)
  • A webinar allows speakers and panelists at different locations to share presentations, screen shots, videos, and other multimedia content with audiences anywhere in the world
  • Webinars typically have audio and visual. The visual component of a webinar is shared through a web conferencing tool or Internet browser.
  • The audio portion of a webinar is usually broadcast through the audience’s computers (through speakers and media players) or through the telephone.
  • A webinar is INTERACTIVE. The webinar organizer can conduct live polls and surveys. The audience can ask the speaker and panelists questions in real-time.



7 Great Reasons To Use Webinars

  • Webinars are the #1 online marketing, teaching, and connecting tool … bar none! TEACHING SELLS!!!
  • Webinars are a great way to build a massive email list!
  • Webinars are a great way to get BIG FISH to work with you!
  • Webinars are a great way to pre-qualify prospects… so you can spend more time and resources on those who are actually interested in your service or products!
  • Webinars are the FAST and EASY way to create products whenever you want!
  • Become a THOUGHT LEADER in your niche
  • LEVERAGE: Influence! Influence! Influence!

Webinars can be used for a variety of purposes, included but not restricted to:

  • Marketing – Getting your message out
  • Teaching
  • Connecting – strategically with others who share your passion
  • Mastermind groups
  • Community building – create powerful online portals
  • Live streaming of events


Our webinar marketing strategies work and work well.

Case Study #1

John and Cherie NorquayJohn Norquay agreed to invest in 8 weeks of coaching plus one webinar. At the start of the coaching, John was managing $10 million in retirement investments and had 100 clients after 10 years in business. This meant he was averaging 10 new clients per year.

Just three weeks into the coaching, John did a presentation for 15 people and 11 of those became new clients. John said he had never experienced something like that before in his career.

After Empower 2000 hosted one webinar with John, several huge doors opened, including the opportunity for John to meet with a company with $60 million in 401k’s and another with $500 million.

It is amazing how much my eyes have been opened since meeting you Joseph!

Journaling actually ORGANIZED MY THOUGHTS.

The Master’s Mind Coaching made me realize that I have a lot of expertise in the financial area rather than just the business that I am working.

The webinars can go directly to the bottom line as far as clients are concerned and getting your message to more people quickly. And a lot of people have been waiting for that message! Webinars are THE KEY to getting the word out quickly because you know so many people, Joseph. That’s your entire mantra, being a CONNECTOR.

John Norquay
Founder, PivotPoint Investors


Cheryl-Ann NeedhamJoseph has taken the standard skill of webinar facilitation and turned it into an art. People leave the discussion energized, empowered, activated, and eager to expand their influence and impact to a much broader audience. Relationships get solidified and new relationships form.

The results of Joseph’s impact knows no bounds as connections are made, new ideas birthed, and revenue expanding opportunities are launched. Joseph has mastered the craft of webinars. Joseph is the new standard of webinar facilitation!

Cheryl-Ann Needham
Cofounder of the Global Stewards Initiative
Author of Sound Alignment


Tony DaleWhen Joseph facilitates the “Master’s Mind” groups, we do much more than just draw on each other’s ideas and strengths. As we listen to the Lord together and share the insights that we receive with each other, the experience is truly liberating. Joseph will help you put Jesus in the driver’s seat of your company or ministry. The relationships that you develop within the Master’s Mind group then help to hold you accountable.

Dr. Tony Dale
Founder, The Karis Group
Founder, The Health Coop


Larry TylerJoseph is the Maestro making the entire orchestra speak with one voice. God has called him and given him the gifts and talent to take so many different individuals (instruments & sounds) and blend them together, so disciplined and so coordinated into “sound alignment.”

Working with Joseph is truly an incredible experience as he has the God-given gifts to help raise people up to be who God created them to be. Joseph really is Dr. Breakthrough. He has a creative gift that few others have.

Larry Tyler
Business coach and mentor
Trustee at Kings Counsel & Trust Family Office


Russel and Glenisaah StaufferWe believe Dr. Joseph is a CULTURE CHANGER with an innate ability to coach and help incubate your dream and surround you with an extraordinary team to capture its essence and see you unleashed to accomplish that for which you are created for.

The building blocks are carefully examined and lovingly placed each in its own place forming an intricate pattern to show what the Master has intended from the beginning and was on His heart in the original design. He is able to do this with a passion that is contagious and ignites you to excel beyond what you thought was possible, and opens up your horizons to include nothing less than a Global Vision.

Russel Stauffer, Master JV Strategist/Broker
Glenisaah Stauffer, Embassy Group President


Nancy SlocumAs a global thought leader, Dr. Joseph Peck is not only a “Master of Webinars” but also an expert at connecting the dots and making Kingdom connections. It’s a perfect fit for his giftedness to empower dreams and dream teams, and to transform communities.

I have been blessed by the distinct honor, privilege and joy of either attending or participating as a panelist on many of these life-changing webinars he has facilitated. Each one is significant in its own right, whatever the topic, and is led by the power of the Holy Spirit. Every Peck presentation is stamped by a spirit of excellence and is truly an invitation for personal as well as Kingdom consciousness, dynamic growth, and exponential expansion, certainly worthy of your time.

Nancy Slocum
A pen in God’s hand giving Love a voice


Lisa PrestonJoseph, I’m at a loss for words. That was the most amazing webinar I have ever attended! Thank you. I think I may see a 1000-fold increase this year, Thanks to all your help. Honestly, I never dreamed folks would respond so positively. It’s like they’re getting it before it’s even being explained. What joy! Today was just one of the biggest blessings of my life. Thanks for helping make it all happen! Joy to you!

Lisa Preston
Founder, Step Into Destiny


Marnie MarcusJoseph, you are the MASTER Webinar Aficionado

Marnie Pehrson
Author, Speaker, Online Publicist
“Changing the world, one light bearer at a time”


Gordon BradshawJoseph is the best “webinar warrior” on earth!

Dr. Gordon Bradshaw
President and Governing Apostle of Global Effect Movers and Shakers (GEMS) Network

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  1. John March 25, 2017 at 6:58 am #

    My dear brother Joseph Peck, i feel so honoured by God to have connected me to you again. Some years ago I used to recieve emails from you but did not really know who you are and exactly what you are about. Now I know and I think that the Lord has brought you back to me or me back to you for a divine purpose. I have a dream but many have been the obstacles. I believe with you helping me it will help me fulfill my purpose of life. God bless you. John in Uganda

    • Joseph777 March 26, 2017 at 8:10 am #

      Thank you John. I recommend you join a Dream Team when a new one is announced. That is the best way I can help you. Blessings! Joseph

  2. Veronica Ebie September 12, 2017 at 6:12 pm #

    I am glad to confirm my email, and now get to hear all this wonderful comments. I believe I had registered on a Dream team sometime in August or so. Is there anyway you may confirm this?

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