Awakening Bonuses

Thank you for sharing your advice to help us understand how we can better serve the needs of our fellow brothers and sisters in this mighty awakening that is coming upon the earth. As we come together and support one another in love and align with GOD’s Holy Ways, we will see the greatest outpouring of God’s spirit and a revival like nothing we have seen before. We pray these additional bonuses will better equip and encourage you in your walk.

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Session 1: The Battle of Altars with Dr. Francis Myles

Dr. Francis Myles is a multi-gifted international motivational speaker, best-selling author, business consultant, and apostle to the nations.  He is the founder of Francis Myles International and a sought-after conference speaker in both ministerial and marketplace seminars. He is also a savvy businessman and spiritual life coach to movers and shakers in the Marketplace and bestselling author of Issuing Divine Restraining Orders from the Courts of HeavenThe Order of Melchizedek, and The Joseph of Arimathea Calling books that have garnered worldwide acclaim. He is the founding chairman of Marketplace Bible International and the creator of the worlds’ first digital Marketplace Bible.

Awakening Bonus: How to Build a House and Business Altar

Jesus Christ
Dr. Joseph Peck

Session 2: The Light of Salvation for the Nations with Elie Hasbani

Dr. Elie Hasbani has had one of the most dramatic, supernatural, and prophetic journeys of anyone you will ever meet. Born and raised in Lebanon, Elie stepped on a land mine on Mount Hermon in 1985 while serving in the militia and had a life-changing encounter with Jesus that spared his life and set him on a course of radical exploits for the Gospel. His faith, impassioned evangelism, and stance as a friend of Israel put him in the cross-hairs of the radical Islamic factions in his region. As a result, he was persecuted, imprisoned, and forced to flee his homeland as a refugee.
Today, Elie is a pastor, church planter, author, and apostolic leader in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a global leader for evangelism, missions. and cross-cultural ministry training. Elie is actively engaged in the Middle East where his heart’s desire is to establish God’s highway of holiness between Israel and Lebanon.
Elie’s heart burns with the message of gospel of the Kingdom! At the beginning of 2020, God gave him a specific instruction to shift from a church mandate to a kingdom mandate with a vision to disciple 100,000 people of all nations for the harvest. As a result, he launched the Antioch International Institute.

Awakening Bonus: Coming Soon

Session 3: The Violence of the Holy Spirit with Mickey Robinson

Mickey Robinson and his wife Barbara are the founders of Prophetic Destiny International. Mickey’s miraculous recovery from a catastrophic airplane crash after a “death’s door” experience led to a powerful spiritual awakening in his life. Since then, he has traveled internationally, bringing hope, encouragement, and God’s supernatural power to heal and overcome all manner of adversity. Mickey has been a pastor and teacher, ministering in prophetic, worship, and healing conferences all around the world.
Mickey is a catalyst for catalysts. He sets fires (of revival) that set other fires. Mickey is the author of several books, including Falling into Heaven, The Prophetic Made Personal, and Supernatural Courage. 
Mickey and Barbara have four children and seven grandchildren and live in the beautiful hills of Franklin, TN.

Awakening Bonus: Coming Soon
    Jeffrey Thompson
    Shelli Miller

    Session 4: Awakening the Church to God’s Ancient Paths with Craig Hill

    Craig Hill and his wife Jan are the founders of Family Foundations International (FFI), a Christian ministry dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families become people of influence and build a godly heritage for multiple generations by restoring biblical foundations of marriage, family, and finance.
    Craig has trained permanent FFI ministry teams in more than 50 nations around the world, conducting over 2,500 marriage and family blessing weekend experiences each year.
    Craig has written 15 books, hosted his own weekly television broadcast, been a featured guest on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural TV broadcast, and created six different life-transforming weekend experiences. He is recognized as a leading expert on the topics of marriage, generational blessing, and biblical financial management.

    Awakening Bonus:

    Session 5: Awakening Families to Generational Vision with Greg Gunn

    Greg Gunn is the founder of Family ID and author of a number of books, including Family-ID-Intentional Direction: Discover Your Family’s Unique Purpose and Passion. Greg and his wife, Rhonda, started Family ID in their living room with a passion to lead families toward unity. Since its inception in 1997, Family ID has established a global presence and Greg has led thousands of families to discover their unique Core Values, Mission Statement and Vision Statement.
    Greg is a husband of over 33 years, a father of seven kids, a father-in-law, and a grandfather of four. He owned and operated a successful financial services business for 30 years.

    Awakening Bonus:
      Jonathan Thompson
      Melodie VanAlstyne

      Session 6: Empowering Love Revolutionaries with Rick Osborne

      Rick Osborne has a relationship with God that anyone can have, but few do. He is probably the most published, least well known author in Christendom. By design. That’s because the LORD sequestered him for 10 years (2010-2020) to personally teach him about depths of the Word few have ever understood or experienced.
      Rick has authored and coauthored 50+ books, which have sold over 10 million copies worldwide. God has called him to help Christians of all ages walk in the fullness of what Jesus paid for and be transformed into His image. He’s co-authored books with Dr. John Trent, Dr. Gary Chapman, and Dr. Tom Blackaby. Two of his latest books At Work Within and Love’s Transformation have been consistently transforming the lives of his readers. He co-wrote and led the team that produced The Most Important Story, which has more than 100 million copies distributed worldwide in over 120 different languages and dialects.

          Session 7: The Order of Melchizedek with Dr. Francis Myles

          Do you wonder why the Church is not walking in the fullness of the power God promised?

          Do you struggle to understand what your role in the Kingdom is supposed to be?
          Do you desire to break out of the four walls of your church and into the culture of your workplace, city, or nation?
          The answer is found in the Order of Melchizedek.
          Roger Gauthier
          Roger Gauthier

          Session 8: A New Perspective on Kingdom Power & Authority with Dr. Bill Greenman

          Dr. Bill Greenman is the Founder and President of Global Purpose Strategies.  He is one of the world’s leading authorities on helping people find and fulfill their specific life Blueprint. With over 40 years of teaching and imparting the understanding and practical principles of personal purpose, his books, seminars, and materials are taught in Bible schools, churches, youth organizations, high schools, and universities around the world. His own unique history is a testimony to the effectiveness of those principles.
          In March 2021, the Holy Spirit began giving Dr. Greenman downloads about “Force Multipliers of the Kingdom” that can dramatically increase the effectiveness and impact of Kingdom citizens.

          The Hanukkah Awakening Recordings

          The Hanukkah Awakening was a power 2 and half-day event that was rich with revelatory teachings that the body of Christ need to appropriate into their lives so that the power of God can manifest in their lives and impact the world in which we live and become victorious in today’s time to overcome the evil. To get these messages down deeper into your spirit, rinse and repeat and watch these again at home with loved ones. You can order the USB Here
          Roger Gauthier