Purpose & Destiny

Many wander through life not realizing that they were created with a purpose in mind and that they have an ultimate destiny to fulfill while here on earth. Our Purpose & Destiny classes help  remove the veil and reveal the truth as to why you were born and what you are supposed to do while here on earth

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Purpose and Destiny

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Womans walking up steps with text breaking barriers to personal growth

6 Secrets for Breaking Barriers to Personal Growth

6-Lesson Class with Craig Hill

In this six lesson course, Craig Hill shows you how to break through your spiritual, emotional, or financial barriers without having to spend $10,000 or $15,000 on personal counseling or life coaching.

Secret 1: Get a Clear Word and Vision from God
Secret 2: Understand God’s Part and Your Part in the Journey
Secret 3: Break Through Emotional Barriers
Secret 4: Understand the Joseph Journey
Secret 5: Develop Congruency of Mind and Heart
Secret 6: Eliminate the Five Major Stress Points of the Journey

Discovering Hope for Your Life

12-Lesson Class with James W. Goll

Have trials ever struck your house? No matter what you’ve been through, you can experience the happy anticipation of good in your own life and then become empowered to release hope, life and love to others. Hope changes everything! In this class, you will learn to create a culture of hope and turn the trials of your life into triumphs for the Kingdom of God.

Lesson 1: When the Bottom Falls Out
Lesson 2: Anybody Got a Road Map?
Lesson 3: Catching the Little Foxes
Lesson 4: Dusting Off Fatigue and Weariness
Lesson 5: Metamorphosis: The Process of Change
Lesson 6: The Door of Hope
Lesson 7: A Hope that Sings
Lesson 8: Let God Put a Dream in Your Heart
Lesson 9: Never, Never, Never Give Up!
Lesson 10: No Matter What Comes, God Is Good
Lesson 11: Beauty from Ashes
Lesson 12: Hope Ambassadors

Faith After Failure

Discovering God’s Hope for a New Beginning
6-Lesson Class with Dr. Sandie Freed

Failure knocks at the door of your life and hopes to find a permanent residence. But we serve a turnaround God! In this class, you will learn to turn your failure into a success story and use your past as a testimony to bring glory to the name
of Jesus.

Lesson 1: Unlock Your Destiny by Thinking Differently
Lesson 2: Developing Faith and Conquering Unbelief
Lesson 3: Knowing the Heart of God
Lesson 4: Don’t Run in the Wrong Direction—Take a Stand Against Jezebel!
Lesson 5: Cultivating a Soft Heart that Hears and Obeys
Lesson 6: Living Like the Child of a King

Fresh Vision

12-Lesson Class with Bret Wade

Sometimes discovering God’s specific plan for your life can be challenging. This class will unlock insight and open your eyes to what God has already written upon your heart.

Lesson 1: First Things First
Lesson 2: What Are You Dreaming Of?
Lesson 3: What Makes You Tick? You Did What?
Lesson 4: Inward Design
Lesson 5: Outward Design
Lesson 6: Upward Design
Lesson 7: Onion Appeal: Preparation, Pruning, and Purging
Lesson 8: Move it? Move it? Move it! Making Spiritual Migrations
Lesson 9: Gold Stars: Did You Pass the Test?
Lesson 10: Read Between the Signs
Lesson 11: Are We Crystal Clear Yet?
Lesson 12: Throttle Up!

Help, I Am Stuck

5-Lesson Class with Sandra Steen

On your path to your God-given dream, have you ever reached a point of feeling stuck? This class will help you align your mindset with God’s, define your core values, and find your sweet spot in life.

Lesson 1: Right Thinking
Lesson 2: Right Thing
Lesson 3: Right People
Lesson 4: Right Place
Lesson 5: Right Timing

I AM a Son!

12-Lesson Class with Don Nori, Sr.

Understanding and embracing your true identity in Christ is crucial for living the abundant life Jesus talks about. In this class, you will discover what it means to live as an authentic son of God.

Lesson 1: The Day Everything Changed
Lesson 2: God’s Got Your Back
Lesson 3: A Prodigal’s Paradise
Lesson 4: Father and Son
Lesson 5: No Other Way
Lesson 6: Two Sacrifices
Lesson 7: Maturing Sons
Lesson 8: Everything Else Is Less
Lesson 9: Sons Drink The Cup
Lesson 10: The Tell-Tale Disconnect
Lesson 11: So This is Who I AM
Lesson 12: Jesus (Our Elder Brother), The Pattern Son

Master Keys of Life

16-Lesson Class with Dr. Bill Greenman

God has wired you with a unique purpose and has planted His dream for your life into your heart. In this class, you will be empowered to discover your purpose, design your future, and live for destiny.

Lesson 1: You and The 7 Realms of Influence
Lesson 2: That’s in My Head
Lesson 3: My Personal Code
Lesson 4: What’s in My Bag?
Lesson 5: We’re Blended?
Lesson 6: What Do I Really Want?
Lesson 7: What Language Is That?
Lesson 8: Knowing That I Know
Lesson 9: Planning Is Easy
Lesson 10: Planning Is Timing
Lesson 11: My Creative Power
Lesson 12: Visioneering
Lesson 14: My Success Cycle
Lesson 15: What’s My ROI?
Lesson 16: What About Now?


Overcoming in Life

6-Lesson Class with James Goll

These inspiring teachings combine some of the best material from James W. Goll’s life experience. In this vulnerable series, James invites you into the trenches of his personal life and background, where he has learned to become an overcomer in Christ.

Lesson 1: Called to Bruise the Serpent’s Head
Lesson 2: Overcoming Guilt, Part 1
Lesson 3: Overcoming Guilt, Part 2
Lesson 4: Combating Weariness
Lesson 5: God’s Remedy for Rejection
Lesson 6: Rediscovering Life after Tragedy

Securing Your Identity and Destiny

8-Lesson Class with Don Finto and Tod McDowell

This class will empower you to walk in more strength and security as you get rooted and grounded in Biblical identity.

Lesson 1: Becoming Who You Are Created to Be
Lesson 2: Walking in the Fullness of Your Calling
Lesson 3: Discovering Identity through Personal Heritage
Lesson 4: Developing Your Destiny Direction
Lesson 5: Embracing the Role of the Father in Identity and Destiny
Lesson 6: Gleaning from Biblical Characters
Lesson 7: Withstanding Trials and Tragedies that War Against Destiny
Lesson 8: Passing on Identity and Destiny to Others

Soaring into Your Destiny

12-Lesson Class with Gary Beaton

We are in a moment of acceleration and advancement in the Kingdom. God is equipping his soldiers to see clearly and take powerful action. If you desire to to experience the tangible presence of God and manifest more gifts of the Holy Spirit, this class is for you.

Lesson 1: Living Beyond the Veil
Lesson 2: Strategic Prayer Power
Lesson 3: Dreams and Visitations
Lesson 4: Hearing the Voice of God
Lesson 5: Journaling the Great Adventure
Lesson 6: Angels of Fire
Lesson 7: Life is Like a Dream
Lesson 8: Throne Room Assignments
Lesson 9: Transformation Glory
Lesson 10: Nations Born in a Day
Lesson 11: Supernaturally Guarded
Lesson 12: Living in the Favor of God

Supernatural Courage

11-Lesson Class with Mickey Robinson

Whether you need a little or a lot of courage, this class will empower you through the Holy Spirit to receive spiritual bravery today.

Lesson 1: Courage to Hope
Lesson 2: Courage to Follow Jesus
Lesson 3: Courage to Be Humble
Lesson 4: Courage to Fight
Lesson 5: Courage to Strengthen Yourself
Lesson 6: Courage to Persevere
Lesson 7: Courage to Use Supernatural Gifts
Lesson 8: Courage to Succeed
Lesson 9: Courage to Forgive
Lesson 10: Courage to Love
Lesson 11: Courage to Go the Distance

The Seven Mountain Renaissance

9-Lesson Class with Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow

In this class, you will discover a refreshing new perspective of the changing times we live in—an era of kingdom advancement that will be history’s greatest renaissance. As children of God, we are called to carry the Kingdom of God into every area of culture.

Lesson 1: Caleb-Vision and the Era of Renaissance
Lesson 2: Renaissance In The Church (Part 1)
Lesson 3: Renaissance In The Church (Part 2)
Lesson 4: Renaissance In Education
Lesson 5: Renaissance In Family
Lesson 6: Renaissance In Government
Lesson 7: Renaissance In The Economy
Lesson 8: Renaissance In Media
Lesson 9: Renaissance In Arts & Entertainment

Uncommon Journaling for Divine Destiny

12-Lesson Class with Joseph Peck

In this class, you will learn to hear God more clearly and live your life with more passion by applying practical two-way journaling techniques.

Lesson 1: Winning The Battle of Your Mind
Lesson 2: Returning To Your First Love
Lesson 3: Growing Your Faith
Lesson 4: Simplify To Multiply
Lesson 5: Redeeming The Time
Lesson 6: Creative Flow with Holy Spirit
Lesson 7: Staying Connected To God
Lesson 8: Uncommon Obedience & Blessings
Lesson 9: Creating An Extraordinary Life
Lesson 10: Receiving Divine Strategy
Lesson 11: Divine Quantum Leaps
Lesson 12: God’s Voice Worldwide

Why do Bad Things Happen to Me?

10-Lesson Class with Craig Hill

In this class, you will learn to walk confidently in the power of your covenant authority and defeat the giants in your life.

Lesson 1: Is God in Control? | What is a Covenant?
Lesson 2: Threshold Covenant | The King Comes to Town
Lesson 3: The New Threshold Covenant | Covenant vs. Contract
Lesson 4: Three Essentials of Covenant | Four Things Exchanged in a Covenant
Lesson 5: The Difference Between Saul and David | Five Remnants of a Covenant Today
Lesson 6: Ambassador or Tourist | Covenant Authority
Lesson 7: Why Pray? | Wrong Image of God
Lesson 8: God’s Word Remains | Was Judas’ Betrayal God’s Will?
Lesson 9: Job’s False Image of God | Job Opens Doors in His Life
Lesson 10: How Did Satan Access Job? | Paul’s Thorn