Spiritual Growth

There are millions of people who go to church every Sunday but when it comes to real life the growth needed for transformation and to demonstrate the character of Christ is not present. Our spiritual growth section is designed to truly help you grow into and be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ.

E2000 classes: Spiritual Growth
E2000 classes: Spiritual Growth

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Spiritual Growth

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Purpose and Destiny

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Attracting The Favor Of God

8-Lesson Class with Dianne Congdon and Mirelle Curtis

The purpose of this 8-lesson class is to open your eyes of understanding from God’s Word about FAVOR, allowing you to come into alignment with Heaven to unlock blessing upon blessing in your life and those you serve.

Understanding how to attract the favor of God is one of the greatest revelations you can have in your life.

Lesson 1: Radical Obedience, Part 1
Lesson 2: Radical Obedience, Part 2
Lesson 3: Radical Humility, Part 1
Lesson 4: Radical Humility, Part 2
Lesson 5: Radical Forgiveness, Part 1
Lesson 6: Radical Forgiveness, Part 2
Lesson 7: Radical Generosity, Part 1
Lesson 8: Radical Generosity, Part 2

Awakening: Pentecost 2020

12-Session Conference hosted by E2000 with numerous speakers

This Pentecost Awakening conference was a powerful and exciting Spirit-led gathering that took place in May 2020.

You will find the recordings encouraging, enlightening, and still relevant today.

Session 1: PRAY with Dr. Joseph Peck, Sandy Finley, Lois Koss, and Glenisaah Stauffer
Session 2: A Bunch of Little Steps of Obedience with Sandy Finley
Session 3: The Harvest is Now with Michael Pink
Session 4: Awakening and Receiving the Elders with Lois Koss
Session 5: The Shunammite Woman with Pam Gould, Jana Dunn, and Terri Shamar
Session 6: The Bridge to Your Future with Lynne Lee, Glenisaah Stauffer, and Joseph Peck
Session 7: Find Your Sweet Spot and Develop a Kingdom Mindset with Dr. John Burpee
Session 8: Awakening Business Owners to Their Kingdom Purpose with Mike Burkesmith
Session 9: Supernatural Courage with Mickey Robinson
Session 10: The Quest for Self-Forgiveness with Lynn Hare
Session 11: Releasing the Lion’s Roar with Irene Fournier, Pam Gould, and Glenisaah Stauffer
Session 12: Leaving a Legacy with Michael Weiss, Shelli Miller, Lynn Hare, and Joseph Peck

Awakening: Pentecost 2021

12-Session Conference hosted by E2000 with numerous speakers

This profound, world-changing gathering took place on May 17-19, 2021, both in-person and virtually. 

The theme was “Find Your Voice and Inspire Others to Find Theirs”. In the Hebrew calendar, we are currently in THE DECADE OF THE VOICE. The enemy has done everything within his power to stifle our voices, including wearing of face masks.

Many who participated in this global conference made a shift and upgraded to the next level that the Holy Spirit had for them. You can be one of those too.

Session 1: Practicing His Presence
Session 2: Simple Secrets for Bearing Much Fruit
Session 3: Finding the Redemptive Purpose of Your City
Session 4: REST is a Weapon
Session 5: The Power of Covenant and Daily Communion
Session 7: Activating Your Dream
Session 8: Imagination Partners: Funding Your Dream
Session 9: Catalyzing a Global Dream Community

Calling All Deborahs

5-Lesson Class with Linda Jones

The CALLING ALL DEBORAHS class empowers women to arise to the fullness of their divine prophetic authority and live as a Deborah to this generation!

The Father heart of God is sounding an appeal for the Deborah’s to arise to execute prophetic justice in the land where there has been a shameful decline in moral and spiritual standards, creating havoc in the nation and in the Church.

You are called to arise to release righteous judgments on behalf of your ‘village’ (Judges 5:7)—your family, your community, your society, and your nation; this is the heart of God. This class will help you to break through all the barriers of limitations in your life and empower you to arise to the fullness of your divine prophetic authority so you can live as a Deborah to this generation.

Lesson 1: The Phases of the Times of the Judges and The Prevailing Conditions at the Time of Deborah
Lesson 2: The Private and Public Life of Deborah
Lesson 3: The Performance of Deborah’s Ministry and The Pampering Mother
Lesson 4: The War Plans of Deborah (Parts 1 and 2)
Lesson 5: The Provoking of the Jael Anointing

Deliverance From Darkness

12-Lesson Class with Dr. James W. Goll

The work of the cross is perfect and complete—you have been given authority to overcome demonic powers of darkness. But how are you to go about it? The enemy has been enticing and deceiving mankind for centuries. He won’t just roll over and play dead.

Like a boot camp for God’s army, you need practical tools to battle the devil’s schemes and discover God’s battle plan for you—an overcomer. In this class, you will discover the step-by-step process of freeing yourself and others from the enemy through the authority you have in Jesus Christ.

Lesson 1: Jesus, Overcoming Demons
Lesson 2: Overcoming Demons in the Early Church
Lesson 3: Scriptural Characteristics of Demons
Lesson 4: Truths and Tactics of Temptation
Lesson 5: Battle Plans for Overcomers
Lesson 6: Exercising Kingdom Authority
Lesson 7: Realms of Kingdom Authority
Lesson 8: Preparations for Deliverance
Lesson 9: Effective Procedures for Deliverance
Lesson 10: Curses—Causes and Cures
Lesson 11: Generational Blessings
Lesson 12: Deliverance Made Easy

Dethroning Jezebel, Part 1: Breaking free from Bondage and Deception

6-Lesson Class with Dr. Sandie Freed

In this powerful 6-Lesson class, Dr. Sandie Freed exposes the Jezebel spirit that has been secretly influencing millions of people and preventing them from getting free from the deceitful and manipulative tactics behind the issues you are facing.

Discover how to identify and break off the deceitful and manipulative tactics of the Jezebel spirit.

Lesson 1: Becoming an Overcomer
Lesson 2: The Demonic Yokes of Jezebel
Lesson 3: Jezebel’s Fornications and Witchcrafts
Lesson 4: The Yoke of Idolatry
Lesson 5: The Roots of Jezebel
Lesson 6: Mantles and Anointing

Dethroning Jezebel, Part 2

6-Lesson Class with Sandie Freed

God has a divine plan to release His people from the curse of desolation and barrenness. Satan has a strategy, however, to lock you to your past through the threefold cord of the demonic spirits of Jezebel, Athaliah, and Delilah. These strongholds seek to destroy not only you but also the generations to follow. Ultimately the enemy’s goal is to block you from victorious Christian living. In this class, you will learn to walk in freedom from the demonic threefold cord of Jezebel, Athaliah, and Delilah.

Lesson 1: Athaliah’s Reign of Terror
Lesson 2: Strategy to Defeat Jezebel and Athaliah
Lesson 3: Overcoming the Destructive Effects of Jealousy
Lesson 4: The Evil Seductions of Delilah
Lesson 5: Praying Against Delilah’s False Gods
Lesson 6: Establishing a Victory Structure

Discerning The Times And Seasons 2019 (DTS2019)

8-Session Class with James Goll and others

James Goll hosted some of the most recognized prophetic voices in the earth today to address the theme “Empowering Women Today: Men and Women Cooperating Together.” Speakers include Bonnie Chavda, Elizabeth Enlow, Katie Souza, Ed Silvoso, Patricia King, Teri Secrest, Sophia Ruffin, and Alex Seely.

Session 1: Bonnie Chavda
Session 2: Elizabeth Enlow
Session 3: Katie Souza
Session 4: Ed Silvoso
Session 5: Patricia King
Session 6: Teri Secrest
Session 7: Sophia Ruffin
Session 8: Alex Seeley

Discerning The Times And Seasons 2020 (DTS2020)

8-Session Class with James Goll and others

To accurately hear what the Holy Spirit is speaking for our times, it is vital to have divine cooperation between the School of the Word and the School of the Spirit. In other words, we must merge a depth of teaching in the Word of God with the modern-day operation of the gifts of the Spirit. God’s desire is for you to have maximum clarity to appropriately discern the times so you can fulfill all He assigned to you in this new Era of Faith. In Discerning the Times and Seasons 2020 James Goll hosted some of the most recognized prophetic voices in the earth today to answer the question, “What are you hearing from God about 2020 and beyond?” Speakers include Jane Hamon, Doug Addison, Chuck Pierce, Jennifer Eivaz, Matt Sorger, Ana Werner, Stacey Campbell, and Charlie Shamp.

Session 1: Jane Hamon
Session 2: Doug Addison
Session 3: Chuck Pierce
Session 4: Jennifer Eivaz
Session 5: Matt Sorger
Session 6: Ana Werner
Session 7: Stacey Campbell
Session 8: Charlie Shamp

Discerning The Times And Seasons 2021 (DTS2021)

9-Session Class with James Goll and others

To clearly discern the times and seasons, receive an increase in the Spirit of revelation in your life, and walk in the fullness of God’s plans for you in this new year, then join us for Discerning the Times and Seasons 2021! This year Discerning the Times and Seasons 2021 a James Goll hosted some of the most recognized prophetic voices in the earth today to answer the question, “What are you hearing from God about 2021 and beyond?” 

Session 1: Mike Bickle
Session 2: Chuck Pierce
Session 3: Bill Johnson
Session 4: Bishop Joseph Garlington
Session 5: Mark Chironna
Session 6: Bishop Bill Hamon
Session 7: Mahesh Chavda
Session 8: Ché Ahn
Session 9: Guillermo Maldonado

Starry night sky with the shekinah glory

Dream Language

13-Lesson Class with James W. and Michal Ann Goll

After centuries of neglect, the church is rediscovering the realm of dreams and visions as a legitimate avenue for receiving divine revelation. This class provides an insightful and helpful look into this fascinating and little-known world. This Dream Language class equips you for a greater understanding of the language of dreams, grounding you in the Word of God concerning dreams and how to interpret them.

Lesson 1: The Master Dream Weaver
Lesson 2: My Personal Dream Journey
Lesson 3: Learning Your Spiritual Alphabet
Lesson 4: Creating a Culture of Revelation
Lesson 5: Dreams Work!
Lesson 6: Diversity of Dreams, Part 1
Lesson 7: Diversity of Dreams, Part 2
Lesson 8: Understanding the Dreams You Dream
Lesson 9: Properly Interpreting Dreams
Lesson 10: Stops Along the Way
Lesson 11: Journaling as a Tool to Retaining Revelation
Lesson 12: When God Seems Silent
Lesson 13: Handling Dreams with Wisdom

Experiencing the Courts of Heaven

5-Lesson Class with Beverley Watkins

Are you wrestling with a bloodline curse that needs to be broken? Your breakthrough is found in God’s courtroom. In this class, you will be equipped to go into the Courts of Heaven and address demonic legal rights-holding you back from freedom.

Lesson 1: Foundational Principles of Going to Court
Lesson 2: Iniquity in Your Bloodline
Lesson 3: Intentional Covenants
Lesson 4: Covenant Issues With A Priestly Emphasis
Lesson 5: Covenants With Secret Societies

Exploring the Feeler Realm

12-Lesson Class with James W. Goll3-Lesson Class with James W. and Michal Ann Goll

In this class, you will learn to recognize, filter and understand the often-subtle ways the Holy Spirit speaks directly to your heart, emotions and intuition, bringing divine revelation through your sanctified feelings.

Lesson 1: Experiencing the Emotions of God
Lesson 2: Your Natural and Spiritual Senses
Lesson 3: Jesus and the Heart of Compassion
Lesson 4: Sensitivity
Lesson 5: How to Respond to Feelings
Lesson 6: The Fruits of the Spirit
Lesson 7: The Gifts of the Spirit
Lesson 8: The Power of Conviction
Lesson 9: Burden Bearing
Lesson 10: Discerning Atmospheres
Lesson 11: Wisdom Issues for “Feelers”
Lesson 12: Flowing in the Power of God

Freedom as a Lifestyle, Part 1

6-Lesson Class with Lee & Cindi Whitman

Do you desire tangible and lasting freedom? In this class, you will learn how to take authority and hear God to fight battles and implement boundaries in your life.

Lesson 1: Who Is in Charge, Anyway? Knowing Your Authority
Lesson 2: I Can’t Hear Anything! Hearing God’s Voice Every Day
Lesson 3: Are You Reaping What Someone Else Sowed? Understanding the Generational Connection
Lesson 4: Change Your Thinking, Transform Your Life!
Lesson 5: Do You Have To, or Do You Get To? Legalism vs. Relationship
Lesson 6: Porch Time with Jesus

A Bible with a big white cross aand text getting to know god in his word

Getting to Know God

12-Lesson Class with James W. Goll

This Getting to Know God and His Word class is part of The Chamber of Life Series: Building Foundations | Growing in Faith. Do you want to know God better? This class, previously titled The Nature of God, helps you understand who God is; his ways, his character, and how he has revealed himself. Lessons include: Knowing the Master Builder, God’s Trustworthy Word, God as Our Personal Father, The Amazing Attributes of God, Jesus the Messiah has Come, The Person of the Holy Spirit, and more.

God In Every Season

8-Lesson class with Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow

The purpose of this course is to help you better understand the seasons of life, identify which season you are in so you can thrive where you are planted, and help you prepare to transition into the next season.

Lesson 1: The War Zone: Understanding What Your Daily Battles are Really all About
Lesson 2: What Season am I In?
Lesson 3: Reasons for the Seasons
Lesson 4: Living Intentionally in Every Season of Your Soul
Lesson 5: Winter Promise
Lesson 6: Spring Justice
Lesson 7: Summer Grace
Lesson 8: Fall Glory

Intimacy With God

10-Lesson class with Don Finto and Tod McDowell

You were created for fellowship not only with others, but also with God. In this class, you will learn to practice His presence, walk with God in friendship, and hear His voice more clearly.

Lesson 1 – Created for Relationship
Lesson 2 – Father’s Heart
Lesson 3 – Unlocking the Door to Intimacy
Lesson 4 – Walking with God
Lesson 5 – Hearing God’s Voice
Lesson 6 – Practicing the Presence of God
Lesson 7 – Sustaining Intimacy
Lesson 8 – Intimacy Breakers
Lesson 9 – Bible Characters and Intimacy
Lesson 10 – Spreading Intimacy

Living in Hope, Healing, and Freedom

6-Lesson class with Lee and Cindi Whitman

This life-transforming class will show you how to receive God’s hope in your hopeless places. You will apply God’s truth to bring freedom where you have been held captive and experience Jesus’ healing touch within your deepest wounds.

Lesson 1: The RTF Integrated Approach to Ministry
Lesson 2: Generational Sins and Curses—Family Baggage
Lesson 3: Dealing with the Lies You Believe
Lesson 4: Dealing with the Wounds of Life
Lesson 5: Freedom from Oppression
Lesson 6: Where Do You Go from Here? How to Walk Out Your Healing and Freedom!

Milestones to the Miraculous

8-lesson class with John Burpee

This class will solidify your spiritual foundation to flow in the miraculous. You will be empowered to experience breakthrough, walk in greater power and authority, and open wide the flow for miracles, signs and wonders!

Lesson 1: Milestones and Alignment for the Miraculous
Lesson 2: Your God-Given Purpose and Identity in Christ
Lesson 3: Breaking Off a Religious Spirit
Lesson 4: The Kingdom of God
Lesson 5: How to Receive Healing and Release Healing to Others
Lesson 6: Guarding Your Mind and Mouth: Activating Your Faith for Signs and Wonders
Lesson 7: Operating from Your Spirit
Lesson 8: Conquering the Spirit of Fear and Taking Territory

Power in the Blood

6-Lesson class with Sandie Freed

Your freedom from every curse has been bought by the precious and powerful blood Jesus. When you understand the covenant promises you have through the blood, you will be empowered to step into your full authority and walk in the power realm to which Jesus commissioned you.

Lesson 1: The Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World
Lesson 2: The Scarlet Thread
Lesson 3: God’s Unfailing Love for Mankind
Lesson 4: The Power of Passover—How to Apply the Blood
Lesson 5: A People of the Spirit—The New and Eternal Covenant
Lesson 6: How to Keep the Enemy from Stealing Your Inheritance
Lesson 7: The Blood Still Speaks—Life is in the Blood
Lesson 8: Becoming God’s Friend through Covenant

Powerful Prophetic Intercession

12-lesson class with James W. Goll

In this class, you will learn how to lean into your heavenly Father and pray what you see and hear in alignment with His heart, empowered by the Holy Spirit. Prophetic intercession is not just for the elite, it is for everyone!

Lesson 1: Entering Into the Intercession of Christ
Lesson 2: Prayer Passion: Where Compassion and Passion Unite
Lesson 3: Travail: The Prayer That Brings Birth
Lesson 4: Praying Down Supernatural Encounters
Lesson 5: God’s Heart: A Prophetic Generation
Lesson 6: Accessing God’s Revelatory Ways
Lesson 7: Divine Insight by Praying in the Spirit
Lesson 8: Israel: God’s Prophetic Calendar
Lesson 9: The Power of Prophetic Intercession
Lesson 10: Proclamation: Decreeing a Thing
Lesson 11: Wisdom Issues for Intercessors
Lesson 12: A Heart for His Presence

Gold and blue electric cloud

Prayers that Strike the Mark

12-Lesson Class with James W. Goll

In this class, you will learn to send forth prayers that strike the mark. These are specific prayers authorized by the Holy Spirit and endowed with divine power to accomplish the will of God in your life and for the needs of the world.

Lesson 1: The Orchestra of Prayer
Lesson 2: Coming into Agreement
Lesson 3: The Many Faces of Prayer
Lesson 4: Reminding God of His Word
Lesson 5: Removing the Obstacles
Lesson 6: Exposing Doorways to Darkness
Lesson 7: Three Readings on Confessing Generational Sins
Lesson 8: Praying On-Site with Insight
Lesson 9: No Common Ground Allowed
Lesson 10: The Guardian of Intercession
Lesson 11: The Power of the Blood of the Lamb
Lesson 12: Praying from a Victorious Perspective

Revival Breakthrough

12-lesson class with James W. Goll

This class will instruct, inspire and train you in the preparatory ways of God so you can personally experience open heavens, breakthrough, and revival fire that will spread into your region for Jesus Christ’s sake.

Lesson 1: When God Listens to the Voice of Man
Lesson 2: The Need for Identificational Repentance—Father Forgive Us!
Lesson 3: Creating an Opening
Lesson 4: Practical Aspects of Fasting
Lesson 5: Fasting for Crisis Intervention
Lesson 6: Fasting Releases God’s Presence and Power
Lesson 7: Gatekeepers of His Presence
Lesson 8: Possessed by God!
Lesson 9: Classic Characteristics of Revival
Lesson 10: Revival Manifestations and Phenomena
Lesson 11: Prophetic Promises for the Great Harvest
Lesson 12: Thy Kingdom Come! From Revival to Reformation to Transformation

Silencing the Accuser

4-Lesson Class with Sandie Freed

It’s time to silence the Accuser—exposing his wicked ways, shutting his mouth, and quenching his fiery darts! This class will teach you to step out of complacency and walk in greater freedom as an overcomer in Christ Jesus.

Lesson 1: The Accuser Targets God’s Chosen
Lesson 2: The Fortress in Our Minds
Lesson 3: Dressed for Battle
Lesson 4: Restoring Your Shield of Faith

The Destiny of Israel and the Middle East

12-lesson class with James W. Goll

Pages are turning on God’s prophetic calendar, approaching the mysterious day when the Lord will step once again into the world of time and space. Everything will change. But in the midst of wars and rumors of wars, God is bringing forth the greatest outpouring of His Spirit and an awakening that will impact the entire Middle East. This class will call you to pray for the destiny of Israel and the Middle East as God pours out His Spirit, fulfilling the amazing promises in His Word.

Lesson 1: The Birth of a Nation
Lesson 2: When the Walls Came Tumbling Down
Lesson 3: The Winds of Awakening
Lesson 4: Appointed a Watchman
Lesson 5: Praying for the Fulfillment of Aliyah
Lesson 6: The Mordecai Calling
Lesson 7: The Descendants of Hagar
Lesson 8: The Descendants of Sarah
Lesson 9: The Descendants of Keturah
Lesson 10: Jerusalem: A City of Divine Destiny
Lesson 11: God’s Road Map
Lesson 12: The Great Hope: The Second Coming of Jesus

The Discerner

12-Lesson class with James W. Goll

The enemy’s biggest weapon is deception. The Church’s greatest need is discernment. In this class, you will learn to receive and discern supernatural revelation.

Lesson 1: Surrendering Your Senses to the Holy Spirit
Lesson 2: Seeing—You Have More than One Set of Eyes
Lesson 3: Hearing—The Sound of Many Rushing Waters
Lesson 4: Feeling—From the Heart Flows the Issues of Life
Lesson 5: Tasting, Smelling & Other Leadings
Lesson 6: Knowing—The Sixth Sense
Lesson 7: Testing the Spirits—Don’t Believe Every Spirit
Lesson 8: The Spirit of Deception—Seductive and Manipulative
Lesson 9: Exposing Demonic Influences—Setting the Captives Free
Lesson 10: Staying Out of Satan’s Traps—Wisdom to Avoid Common Pitfalls
Lesson 11: Creating a Culture of Faith—Ingredients for a Safe House
Lesson 12: Revelation’s Ultimate Purpose—When the Word Becomes Flesh

The Prophet

12-lesson class with James W. Goll

The gift of prophecy is for everyone, not just an elite few. This systematic teaching series will equip you to walk in this important gift of the Spirit and make sure your foundation in the prophetic is sure.

Session 1: Where Eagles Dare to Fly
Session 2: The History of Prophetic Ministry
Session 3: Four Levels of Prophetic Ministry
Session 4: Receiving and Releasing the Gift of Prophecy
Session 5: Building Blocks: The Anatomy of a Prophetic Word
Session 6: The Prophet and the Rejection Syndrome
Session 7: Seven Models of Prophetic Communication
Session 8: Women in the Prophetic
Session 9: The Prophetic and the Seven Spheres of Society
Session 10: From Surrender to Being Sent Ones
Session 11: Wisdom from the Trenches
Session 12: A Look into the Future: A Vision of the Bride of Christ

The Scribe

6-lesson class with James W. Goll

Through grounded scriptural teaching, lessons from church history, and personal experience, this class will help you grow practically in receiving, retaining and interpreting spiritual revelation and lessons from life.

Lesson 1: Receiving Revelation by Journaling
Lesson 2: Retaining Revelation by Journaling
Lesson 3: Properly Interpreting Revelation
Lesson 4: Testing the Content
Lesson 5: Keys to Wise Administration
Lesson 6: Maturing in Your Stewardship

The Seer

12-lesson class with James W. Goll

In this class, you will be empowered to release the special gifts God has given you and cultivate the seer realm of the prophetic in your life.

Lesson 1: Seer and Prophet: Two Prophetic Streams
Lesson 2: Dimensions of the Prophetic Anointing
Lesson 3: Vision: The Power that Sustains
Lesson 4: The Diversity of Visionary States
Lesson 5: Wisely Judging Revelatory Encounters
Lesson 6: Discerning of Spirits
Lesson 7: Dream Language
Lesson 8: Levels of Supernatural Visions
Lesson 9: The Ecstatic Realms of the Spirit
Lesson 10: Standing in the Council of God
Lesson 11: Hidden Streams of the Prophetic
Lesson 12: The Key of Intimacy to Open Heavens

Tongues: Power and Blessings

12-Lesson class with Donald Lee

This life-transforming class will provide a biblical foundation for the gift of tongues, instruct you in the ministry of the Holy Spirit, share dramatic modern-day and biblical testimonies of miraculous breakthroughs, and set you on a course to walk in victory and experience the fullness of God’s blessings. The purpose of this class is far more than just learning about tongues—it is about becoming a conqueror in Christ Jesus. You can conquer whatever obstacles you face through the same power that raised Jesus from the dead.

Lesson 1: The Anointing
Lesson 2: Praying Versus “Praying Through”
Lesson 3: Waiting Upon the Lord
Lesson 4: Blood Power for Total Victory
Lesson 5: Covenant Blessings
Lesson 6: Warfare That Works, Part 1
Lesson 7: Warfare That Works, Part 2
Lesson 8: Healing the Fragmented Soul and the Father’s Love, Part 1
Lesson 9: Healing the Fragmented Soul and the Father’s Love, Part 2
Lesson 10: How to Get More Than What You Pray for
Lesson 11: How to Hear God’s Voice
Lesson 12: Conquer the Obstacles of Life

Understanding Your Dreams

7-Lesson class with Sandie Freed

In this class, you will receive spiritual discernment for interpreting your dreams and receive impartation for increased heavenly encounters.

Lesson 1: God Is a Talking God
Lesson 2: Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries in Dreams
Lesson 3: The Revealed Mysteries in Your Dreams
Lesson 4: Understanding Symbolism
Lesson 5: My Personal Dream Symbolism
Lesson 6: Dreams of Deliverance
Lesson 7: Dream Interpretation Workshop

Waiting on God

5-Lesson class with Joe Nance and Jerry Keller

Revival is something God has promised the church through sustained revelation. This class will help you to live a victorious life in Christ and walk in personal revival and awakening.

Lesson 1: Obedience and the Leadership of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 2: Carnality and Cleansing
Lesson 3: The Witness of the Spirit
Lesson 4: Mountain Moving and Manifest Producing FAITH
Lesson 5: Holy Ghost Awakening—Are You Waiting on it or Moving Toward It?

Waiting, Watching, and Warring

12-Lesson class with James W. Goll

It is vital that you learn to tend the fires of intercession, adding the kindling of worship and prayer, waiting and drawing near to the heart of God, warring to see the fulfillment of His promises. It’s time to keep the fire burning continually on the altar—so it will NEVER go out! This class will show you just how vital your prayers are, inspire you, give you the courage to pray for the “impossible,” and help you find the persistence to see your prayers to completion.

Lesson 1: The Moravian Fire
Lesson 2: The Fire on the Altar
Lesson 3: The Priestly Role of Intercession
Lesson 4: The Courts of the Lord
Lesson 5: The Art of Pleading Your Case
Lesson 6: The Need to War for the Promise
Lesson 7: The Watch of the Lord
Lesson 8: The Path from Prayer to His Presence
Lesson 9: The House of Prayer for All Nations
Lesson 10: The Promise of the Supernatural
Lesson 11: The Arm of the Lord
Lesson 12: The Day of the Watch Has Come!

Walking in the Anointing

6-Lesson class with Sandie Freed

Are you hungry to experience God’s supernatural power in your life? In this class, you will learn to flow in the power of the anointing, increase your faith, and walk with greater authority.

Lesson 1: The Five Ingredients of an Anointed Life
Lesson 2: Your Anointing DNA
Lesson 3: The Anointing that Breaks the Yoke
Lesson 4: Positioning for Double Portions and Increase
Lesson 5: Seven Heart Conditions that Kill the Anointing
Lesson 6: Essential Keys for Walking in Your Anointing

Warfare that Works

6-Lesson class with Donald Lee

There is power and authority available for you when going on the offensive. The enemy’s desire is for you to forget that power and sit out of the battle. In this class, you will discover the spiritual battle happening daily in your life and learn to fight and win.

Lesson 1: The Anointing Breaks the Yoke
Lesson 2: The Power of the Name of the Lord
Lesson 3: The Exalted Position of Jesus
Lesson 4: God the Man of War Wants to Fight for Us
Lesson 5: The Believer’s Position in the Army of God
Lesson 6: Make Your Habitat a Tower of Power