Relationships are the currency of the Kingdom of God. Healthy relationships help us know and experience God’s love, as well as to create a place where we can be transformed into His image.

E2000 classes: Relationships
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Spiritual Growth

E2000 classes: Relationships

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Purpose and Destiny

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Money, Work and Business

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Courage to Be Real

12-Lesson Class with Susan Austin

In this class, Dr. Susan Austin teaches you how to invite God’s healing into the wounded areas of your heart, connect with your creativity, and discover the incredible person you were made to be.

Lesson 1: Identity—What It Means to be a Child of God
Lesson 2: The Healing Process
Lesson 3: Tools for the Journey
Lesson 4: Dreaming Big!
Lesson 5: Spirit, Soul, and Body
Lesson 6: The Gift of Sensitivity
Lesson 7: Healing from Codependency
Lesson 8: Coming Out of Hiding
Lesson 9: Play—The Power and Purpose of Becoming Like a Little Child
Lesson 10: Feel to Heal—The Power of Emotional Awareness
Lesson 11: The Physical Component of Emotional Healing
Lesson 12: Abandonment of the Real Self—the Challenges and the Blessings

Woman watching sunset, releasing balloons

Forgiveness from the Heart

8-Lesson Class with Craig Hill

In this class, Craig Hill gives you practical keys to soften the soil of your heart and remove the obstacles that ultimately prevent you from receiving unconditional love. As you lower your defenses and posture yourself to receive the Father’s healing love, you will be enabled to release the radical power of forgiveness from the heart.

Lesson 1: Is Jesus’ Blood Enough?
Lesson 2: Unforgiveness Is Idolatry
Lesson 3: Stop Defending Yourself
Lesson 4: Putting Death to Death
Lesson 5: Offense
Lesson 6: 4 Types of Soil, Part 1
Lesson 7: 4 Types of Soil (Part 2)
Lesson 8: 4 Types of Soil (Part 3)

I Was Busy, Now I’m Not

8-Lesson Class with Joseph Peck

Jesus said the entire Bible can be summarized in one word – LOVE. Love is spelled T-I-M-E. Learning to be a good steward with your time, your most valuable resource, will improve your relationships and help you prosper in all areas of your life.

Lesson 1: Redeeming the Time
Lesson 2: Sacred Time—Sacred Place
Lesson 3: Applying the Power of Less
Lesson 4: Developing Your One Year Growth Calendar
Lesson 5: Setting SMARTT Goals
Lesson 6: Uncommon Journaling For Divine Destiny
Lesson 7: Conquer Fear
Lesson 8: Living on Purpose

Marriage Transformation

12-Lesson Class with Craig Hill

God wants to bring His life and transformation to you and your spouse. If you desire to strengthen your marriage and take it to the next level of accomplishing the purposes God intended then this class is for you.

Lesson 1: Introduction: Crushing the Top Five Lies in Marriage
Lesson 2: How to Move from Being a Flea (Draining) to a Rechargeable Battery (Energizing)
Lesson 3: Relational Communication, Part 1: How to Fill Your Spouse’s Value Tank
Lesson 4: Relational Communication, Part 2: How to Build a Relational Covenant
Lesson 5: Craig and Jan’s Marriage Journey
Lesson 6: Marriage Is a Covenant, Not a Contract
Lesson 7: Transparency: The Key to Intimacy
Lesson 8: Forgiveness
Lesson 9: How to Use Conflict to Identify Root Lies
Lesson 10: Restoring the Value of Covenant to Society
Lesson 11: Restoring the Value of Covenant to My Marriage
Lesson 12: Free to Laugh and Dream Again

Sound Alignment 2.0

10-Lesson Class with Cheryl-Ann Needham

Based in Scripture, the science of SOUND, and prophetic revelation, Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham has a clear strategy for how to form your alignments (relationships) in a way that moves obstacles out of the way, calls into play what you need, and positions you for God’s commanded blessing and favor on your life. In this class, you will learn to clearly hear from God’s Spirit so you can live with intentionality and accomplish His vision for your life.

Lesson 1: Glory DNA and Sound Alignment Blueprints
Lesson 2: Sound Movement
Lesson 3: Divine Chemistry
Lesson 4: Proper Focus
Lesson 5: Right Timing
Lesson 6: Worship that Invokes His Presence
Lesson 7: Unity that Commands His Blessing
Lesson 8: Breakthrough that Produces Results
Lesson 9: Aligning Your Mandate with Hearing God’s Voice
Lesson 10: Remember Your First Love

The Family Blessing Blueprint

12-Lesson Class with Craig Hill

In this class, you will learn to connect heart to heart with your children, watch them succeed in life, and build a generational legacy for the Kingdom of God. If you want to connect heart to heart with your children, watch them succeed in life, and build a generational legacy for the Kingdom of God, you won’t want to miss this class!

Lesson 1: Introduction: Regaining Authority in the Seven Mountains
Lesson 2: Why Blessing is a Powerful Ancient Path
Lesson 3: When Does a Boy Become a Man? Lack of Blessing has Consequences
Lesson 4: Discipline in Honor or Shame
Lesson 5: Creating a Culture of Blessing in Marriage
Lesson 6: Blessing in 7 Life Stages: God’s Message and Conception
Lesson 7: Blessing in 7 Life Stages: The Womb and Birth
Lesson 8: Blessing in 7 Life Stages: Infancy, Early Childhood and Puberty
Lesson 9: Blessing in 7 Life Stages: Marriage and Older Age
Lesson 10: 8 Negative Life Patterns: Father/Son, Father/Daughter
Lesson 11: 8 Negative Life Patterns: Mother/Son, Mother/Daughter
Lesson 12: Conclusion: 4 Key Components of Blessing

The Missing Peace

8-Lesson Class with Thom Gardner

Life seems to teach you that a certain level of anxiety is simply part of being human. What if you could daily discover a place where fear and worry are banished, and where the Prince of Peace reigns intimately in your innermost soul? Well in The Missing Peace class, Thom teaches you to silence the noise of this world and restore your heart to peace and wholeness by waiting on the Lord.

Lesson 1: Shalom, Shalom
Lesson 2: Peace, Power and Presence
Lesson 3: Listening
Lesson 4: A Deeper Hearing
Lesson 5: Earth, Wind, and Fire
Lesson 6: The Sound of a Gentle Hushing
Lesson 7: Restoring Our True Identity
Lesson 8: Everything that Grows